“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci

It’s time to restore the American Constitution to its original intent. Americans do not need central government bureaucrats running our health care, education, businesses and communities. IConnectAmerica is educating, organizing and mobilizing Americans around the Country to develop community and family-based causes and projects to restore strength-based strategies to return America to a culture of success.  IConnectAmerica will provide news updates on a regular basis exposing those individuals, groups and organizations working to destroy the basic values and beliefs that have made America an exceptional nation.

Empty talk and empty promises are over in America.  Citizens committed to strengths over weaknesses and opportunities over obstacles are connecting to create causes and projects to return America to a culture of success. The culture of dependency is over.  Join the IConnectAmerica movement and restore American greatness one community and neighborhood at a time.

Self-Governance – Let choice and individual initiative drive America.  Americans can determine what is best for themselves, their families and communities.  Evidence is clear, when government gets involved services are reduced, quality declines and waste becomes the order of the day.  Work locally to eliminate local rules and regulations that inhibit independence, personal responsibility and self-reliance. 

Religious Liberty – The purpose and meaning of religion in America has been perverted by the secular progressives.  Separation of church and state only means government can not regulate religion or establish a national religion. The US Constitution has nothing to say about Citizens practicing or celebrating their religious beliefs publicly or privately. Our religious liberty is the underpinning of our self-governance and economic freedom. Through the restoration of religious liberty, Americans reclaim their natural rights and the principle that our freedom does not come from government but our religious and spiritual faith.

Economic Freedom – American business is in a state of decline due to excessive bureaucratic rules and regulations.  To reverse the growth of bureaucracy requires a groundswell of action from consumers and small business leaders. Bureaucrats exist to create rules and regulations which impede innovation and creativity in America.  But there is hope! The millions of federal employees that represent the bureaucracy can be eliminated by Citizen Action to make our local businesses and communities “bureaucracy free zones.”

Education – Simply providing more public school options to parents or increasing competition will not create a culture of success for all students.  If our goal is to ensure all children and young adults have the opportunity to be successful we must transform our schools from an externally driven curriculum developed by bureaucrats and interest groups to a teaching and learning environment based on student talents and strengths.  By emphasizing student talents we create schools where parents and teachers can work together as partners in the learning process.

Family – Strong families are the prime force for economic growth, economic mobility, less child poverty, and a higher standard of living.  The strength of America has always been family values which advocate for independence, personal responsibility, a powerful work ethic and self-reliance.  To restore the importance of family must come from individual Citizens through the creation of initiatives to replace government rules, regulations and programs that have marginalized the role and value of parents. 

Law & Order – Mob violence is replacing legitimate protest in the United States.  Attacks on law enforcement are condoned my many members of the media.  Hard working, responsible Citizens are being bullied and intimidated by gangsters and gangs disguised as protestors.  Too often, the police officers are told by politicians to ignore these so-called protestors when they destroy property and inflict violence.  To reverse this decline in law and order requires community and business leaders to demand that anyone who violates the rights of another will be severely punished and that such actions will no longer be tolerated.  It’s time for all Americans to join together to protect themselves, their families, their communities and property. 

Federalism – In a federal system, power is shared between the national and state governments.  The Constitution designates certain powers to be the domain of the central government, and all others to be  specifically reserved to Citizens and the states. A major feature of federalism under the Constitution is self-governance.  Our Founders realized that when governmental power is consolidated it is unresponsive to the needs of the governed.  The framers sought to prevent the overreach of government through federalism with the objective of distributing power as widely as possible and preserving the integrity of the states as independent but united “laboratories of democracy.”