Is it my responsibility to take care of you?  This is the threshold question of the health care debate.  Said differently, is it stupidity, luck or bad choices why a growing number of Americans believe they must depend on other taxpayers for their health insurance?  In addition, is it the responsibility of the majority of Americans to take care of people who don’t take care of themselves?  It’s time for an honest health care policy that recognizes the best policy is one driven by the free marketplace.  However, this is something you will not hear from  ABC – CBS – NBC – CNN – MSNBC.

Solutions to the Health Care Challenge

Be it genetics or lifestyle, some people get sick and then decide to acquire insurance.  If we leave it to the marketplace, some insurance companies will cover them and others will not.  I suppose, if you want to help others who choose not to have insurance, you can pay a little more.  On the other hand, if you believe it’s not your responsibility, you can pay less.   

What we can be sure of is when the government gets involved, costs go up.   Common sense suggests, if the government takes our money and uses it to ensure individuals with no insurance, costs will go up.  Insurance companies will charge more when they know the government is pouring billions of dollars into the insurance pot.  Anyone who believes costs will go down knows nothing about cause and effect.  Thus, if you want health care insurance to be less, there is only one solution — get the government out of health care.

Focusing on What Works

Instead of viewing Americans as dependent on the government for their health insurance, our elected leaders should focus attention on how successful industries operate while keeping costs down. For example, the price of televisions has fallen more than 96 percent in the last 70 years.  Can you imagine what the costs for televisions would be if the government gave a television subsidy to Americans?  Television manufacturers would want their hands on this money so the costs for televisions would increase. 

This same logic is the force behind increasing college tuition. As the federal government pours money into student loans, the situation becomes worse for students and taxpayers.  Politicians and education bureaucrats continually ignore the overwhelming evidence that increased access to unrestricted federal aid fuels tuition hikes. Coupled with the federal government’s proclamation that everyone should go to college, the education funding has turned into a bonanza for college bureaucrats and administrators. 

For example, economists David Lucca, Taylor Nadauld, and Karen Shen found for every dollar federal Pell Grants increase, college tuition increases 55 cents. (A Pell Grant is a subsidy the U.S. federal government provides for students who need it to pay for college. Federal Pell Grants are limited to students with financial need, who have not earned their first bachelor’s degree, or who are enrolled in certain post-baccalaureate programs, through participating institutions.) 

Pell Grant increases have enabled universities to spend taxpayer dollars recklessly, where the public has been deceived into believing students have benefits and higher education has improved. As the Goldwater Institute found, “in 2007, it took 13.1 more employees to educate the same number of students than it did in 1993.”   The only way to reverse this policy of deception is to restore practices in the marketplace that reflect the market value of education and promote innovative education models that provide high quality at low cost to students.

One More Thing

The ICA offers common sense solutions to the challenges Americans face.  Today, the major media outlets – ABC – CBS – NBC – CNN – MSNBC – treat the American people as if they were stupid or naive.  Reporters and commentators for these networks believe the issues facing Citizens, such as health care, are too complex and too big for Americans to understand, much less be responsible for their own health care.  Therefore, these media outlets are predisposed to believe government health insurance is the only solution.  It is interesting and ironic that the ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN network executives are the first to scream foul if the government attempts to control the way they conduct business.

Call to Action

We are at a crossroads in America.  Congress is more concerned with their position of authority than the authority of the Constitution.  Our liberties are being denied and diminished as we speak.  Making matters worse, so many Americans are either complacent or willing a participant in this erosion of our freedom.  ICA believes we must educate, organize and mobilize to counter those forces which would destroy our Constitution and the freedom it represents, and the health care crisis is a place where all liberty-minded Citizens should draw the line. 

So here are things you can do:

(1) Hold a health care forum in your community:

(2) Hold a Constitution Day at your local college or university

(3) Become a leader of your local chamber of commerce

(4) Ask to speak at local high school civics class

(5) Organize a debate on ending all forms of government health care insurance

(6) Join service clubs and become involved in the committee structure

(7) Organize a speakers bureau

The above examples list what you can do to begin educating your community regarding government health care and how it increases costs and reduce services.  The ICA will provide you with support and opportunities for funding.  If you have an idea and would like to discuss it in detail, complete the contact form and a member of the ICA Team will get in touch with you within a day.  

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