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Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change America; it’s the only thing that ever has.        Margaret Mead

Every individual is responsible for creating their own success and every Citizen is responsible for passing the American dream of self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty to future generations.

But today America has been hijacked by big government lobbyists, judicial activists and corporate globalists. 

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  • ICA Causes give you the opportunity to restore our Constitutional Republic and honor those that have fought and died for our liberty and independence. 
  • ICA Causes give you the opportunity to create a campaign that empower individuals, families and communities.
  • ICA Causes give you the opportunity to work to reduce government bureaucratic rules and regulations which inhibit innovation, research and development in the private sector.
  • ICA Causes give you the opportunity to restore religious liberty in America and reclaim the principle that our freedom does not come from government but our religious and spiritual faith.
  • ICA Causes are supported by the setting of monetary goals towards which money can be donated through the ICA platform.   

Causes Begin with an Idea!   America is our responsibility.  America is waiting for you.

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