The ICA Focus is to reconstruct our Constitutional Republic by expanding liberty for all Citizens.  America was founded on two basic ideas.  First, government is responsible for ensuring self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty and second, government is not responsible for doing for Citizens what they can do for themselves.  

To accomplish the ICA Focus:

  • ICA works with individuals, groups, organizations and businesses interested in expanding self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty. 

  • ICA collaborates with individuals, families, organizations, businesses and schools to raise funds in support of programs and projects to expand self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty.

  • ICA encourages and supports campaigns and projects that strengthen the Bill of Rights, our Constitutional Republic, character development and personal responsibility.

  • ICA connects with a growing audience interested in expanding liberty and opportunities for Citizens, families, business, schools and community leaders.

  • ICA emphasizes strengths over weaknesses and opportunities over obstacles.

  • ICA promotes a culture of success which requires courage, unity and most of all hard work.

  • ICA coaches individuals and families to discover and apply their strengths to create their own culture of success.

  • ICA offers workshops to help Citizens identify their strengths, create a vision for success and practice behaviors based on personal responsibility, resilience and self-reliance

ICA was founded on the principle when strengths are combined with personal responsibility and self-reliance, people are able to create a culture of success for themselves, their families and communities.  ICA rejects identity politics where Americans are categorized and separated by race, ethnicity and religion. ICA rejects deficit-based thinking that certain groups of people need government assistance and support to be successful.   Instead, ICA advocates for the restoration of values emphasizing individual talents and strengths, a powerful work ethic, strong families and spiritual and religious faith.

To increase and expand individual capacity and opportunities for success, ICA is working to develop teams to educate, organize and mobilize around individual, family and community-based strengths.  By focusing on strengths, the ICA creates a new platform for expanding liberty by restoring the basic cultural values that made America an exceptional Country.  ICA provides trainings, workshops, information meetings, mentoring and coaching for individuals, families, educators and business and community leaders who want to begin connecting and collaborating to create a culture of success for all.

Contact the ICA for more information on how you can become involved in the cause for liberty!