The ICA Mission is to reverse the growing state of cynicism and alienation in America by educating, organizing and mobilizing around the basic strength-based values that made America great: self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty.

To accomplish the ICA Mission:

  • ICA has constructed a virtual market place of ideas, inviting all Americans to create, connect and partner with other entrepreneurial minded Citizens to produce projects focusing on self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty.
  • ICA revitalizes the passion and commitment to a new American Destiny where individual creativity and productivity soars.
  • ICA offers Americans a platform to promote their own ideas for strengthening the United States based on individual initiative, mutually shared support and voluntary collaboration with fellow Citizens
  • ICA provides opportunities for training, coaching and funding to grow liberty through projects, campaigns and causes that empower individuals and families, eliminate regulations hindering businesses and encourage freedom based on the golden rule.  Projects can include (1) the replacement of government run operations with private sector enterprises, (2) the elimination of government bureaucratic rules and regulations, (3) the exploration, discovery and invention of new approaches to increase opportunities of greatness for all Americans and (4) the restoration of religious liberty in the public and private sectors.
  • ICA offers community strength-based summits to reduce dependency on the government. Through these summits, our churches and synagogues, community-based organizations, schools and businesses have a pathway to develop projects as a counter to government interference.

Why ICA?

What if there was a place where you could propose and implement a great idea to expand self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty; a place where you could carefully frame your ideas and values, receive coaching, encouragement, expert information, training and most of all funding.   ICA provides such a place to jumpstart your ideas, connect with the strengths, knowledge and skills of other ICA supporters and find funding opportunities. Your ideas can be simple or complex, they can involve only you or hundreds of people.  Your Liberty Project can focus on government agencies, family, our schools, public or private organizations or businesses.  You have the opportunity to join a growing network of Citizens, all ages and backgrounds, who have a powerful commitment to self-governance, economic freedom and religious liberty.

Success is Within Your Grasp

America can return to the land of opportunity and prosperity by rejecting the growth and expansion of government, where each Citizen uses their own strengths to create their own success.  When Americans rely on their own strengths and are committed to hard work, personal responsibility and perseverance, anything is possible.  

History has shown government is not the solution to ending poverty, joblessness, crime, or other social maladies.  Not only does government not solve these problems it creates new ones.  Americans are realizing big government programs and big government spending increases costs for Citizens, families and communities.  Before government big dollar programs, health care in the US was affordable and accessible to most Americans.  Before the War on Poverty, Americans had the highest standard of living in the world. Before big government education bureaucrats, our public schools were the best in the world.  From transportation to the food we eat, government bureaucracy has created many more problems than it has solved. Just ask your local business person, doctor, teacher, architect, or farmer if government helps or restrains their success.  Better yet, ask yourself.

Join the ICA Team!

Americans have never depended on anyone to do what they can do for themselves. Americans are independent thinkers, driven by their talents and strengths.  Join the ICA Team to create success for yourself, your family and Country.

Contact the ICA for more information on how you can become involved in the cause for liberty!