The IConnectAmerica Vision – Connecting Americans Through Their Natural Talents. 

IConnectAmerica (ICA) is charting a new course of action to restore American greatness.  Our vision is a Country where individuals, families and communities flourish and create their own culture of success.  ICA rejects the balkanization of America and works to connect the American people as a powerful strength-based nation.  ICA is driven by the belief Americans know what it means to be free and when given the opportunity Americans can shape, connect and produce liberty throughout the Country.   

ICA objectives for America include:

  • End identity politics which divide and separate Citizens based on their color, religion, ethnicity or national origin.
  • Work for equal opportunities for all Citizens to apply their natural talents and strengths.
  • End all forms of affirmative action which relegates groups of Americans to an inferior status.
  • Work for mutually shared respect, support and trust among all Citizens.
  • End government interference in our families and communities.
  • Work for personal responsibility and accountability throughout communities and neighborhoods.
  • End the control and domination of any group regardless of cause or position.
  • Work for the protection and safety of the most vulnerable.
  • End the culture of dependency where government does for Citizens what they can do for themselves.
  • Work to restore a culture of success where individuals govern their own lives and treat others as they want to be treated.

In many ways, America is a Strength-Based Nation.

Our strengths bind us together as a people and provides a constant pathway to success.  America is the greatest County on earth, not because of government, progressive taxation, rules and regulations, and programs but because Americans are strength-based, independent thinkers.

But this optimism is not based on a false bravado. It is grounded in our political, economic and social fabric which promotes personal sovereignty, meritocracy and voluntarism.  Our Constitution was designed so that each Citizen has the opportunity to use their natural talents to create their own success and that the test of success is measured by the contribution made independently or voluntarily with other Citizens.

Simply speaking, if you focus on your natural talents though continual practice and hard work, America is the place where your potential can be realized.  Early Americans intuitively knew this, relying only on themselves, their family and at times their community for support.  Government was never viewed as a legitimate source of support or assistance.  Instead, government was a necessary evil which constantly had to be restrained by the American people, themselves.

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