Valuing Talents & Strengths 

The United States is an exceptional Country for many reasons, but the one that stands out the most is the American Creed.  While the identity of most nations is represented by a certain ethnicity, race, or religion, America is held together by a set of values, a Creed.  First, our national creed suggests government exists to support successful opportunities for all, and that success is more likely when individuals are independent and have the freedom to control their own lives.  Second, America’s Creed is intertwined with our spiritual roots as a nation and that our Founders believed every human being is endowed by their creator with natural talents and thus the potential for greatness. In this sense we are born with natural rights to create our success and when we do so everyone benefits.  It is this unity, the greatness of the many, that makes Americans interconnect with and for each other.

Also unique to America is any ethnicity, race, or religion can assimilate into the American culture. This is different from almost every country in the world?  For example, Mexico is for Mexicans,  South Korea is for South Koreans, and France is for the French.  Only in America can you be Mexican, South Korean, and French and have an equal opportunity to be successful. You are not viewed as a foreigner, you are an American.  No other country is as diverse as the United States.  

But this is changing as a new narrative for the United States is being written; a narrative which emphasizes deficits over strengths and obstacles over opportunities.  This new narrative, under the banner of social justice, is based on a distortion of American history, portraying many Americans as helpless victims who lived under a state of oppression.  

While history shows there has not been equal opportunities for all Americans, social justice advocates would have you believe the United States was an island of persecution in a world of equality.  The fact is that the United States grew-up as a nation in a world where dictatorships and oppressive regimes were pervasive.  What social justice deficit thinkers will not tell you is that America has evolved into the freest country on earth.  Given the diverse population of America and the fact that America takes in over a million legal immigrants every year, the United States should be commended not demonized as the social justice advocates promote. 

Attempting to destroy the fabric of America by pitting one group of individuals against another, social justice warriors are using identity politics to replace the Culture of Success with a Culture of Dependency.  Refusing to recognize the political, economic, and social gains by minorities and women over the past 150 years, social justice activists have orchestrated a political, economic, and social struggle among Americans.  

Instead of valuing the talents and strengths of all Americans, the social justice movement believes the best way to create justice in the United States is by guaranteeing outcomes and benefits to all Americans.  Not focusing on opportunities for success, social justice leaders support rules and regulations which reward individuals based on their race or ethnicity and provide government benefits such as health care, food stamps, and guaranteed income to people on the basis of need. 

Thus, America is being redefined as a place where who you are is becoming more important than what you accomplish and contribute; a place where history — politics and practices of the past — outweighs individual hard work and diligence.  Instead of focusing on how success occurs, how Asian and Jewish Americans have overcome discrimination and injustices, social justice advocates cling to the past.  

As a result, like a badge of courage and pride, social justice politicians continue to view Black Americans as victims instead of valuing them as having the same natural talents as White Americans.  In fight for their fake equality, the social justice movement treats Black American Citizens in deficit-based terms and refuses to examine how members of the Black community have created success for themselves and their families. 

The social justice movement’s existence is tied to maintaining a constant state of inferiority and dependency for Black Americans; a dependency that is grounded in past injustices.  Thus, the overarching goal of social justice is to create a new American creed based on the deficits of the past, while ignoring the possibilities and opportunities that the present and future hold.  In this new creed, our rights and opportunities come from the government and it is government alone that creates a just and equitable society for all.  Notwithstanding the fact human history shows the opposite is true, social justice advocates now dominate our universities and colleges, control most of the media, and have a major influence in our public schools.  

This social justice narrative subordinates American Citizens to government politicians and bureaucrats.  Instead of Americans applying their natural talents freely to create success for themselves and their families, social justice advocates believe the government is the source for success.  Thus, the spiritual and political foundation for America has been tarnished and the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed,” have been marginalized.  

The Founders created a Constitutional Republic that was future-oriented, always moving forward to achieve its ideal.  Abraham Lincoln affirmed this thinking by describing Americans as the “almost chosen people.”   We are a great people not because of our greatness but because we strive to be great.  This is the soul of our National Creed, and if we are to continue to move forward, we must reject deficit-based dependency thinking. 

Deficit thinking represents the greatest threat to our Constitutional Republic.  Contrary to the views of our Founders, social justice advocates believe the government is responsible for solving the challenges Americans face.  Our Founders believed a free people could solve their own problems, and it is a dangerous slippery slope, when politicians believe they are smarter than the people. 

To the disadvantage of the American people, numerous US Presidents have used their power to endorse policies that separated and segregated races based on deficit-based thinking.  From Wilson to FDR, various racial groups have bee treated as inferior to White America and certainly LBJ was known for his racist practices.  Twentieth Century policies separating the races was consistently held up as natural law, no different to the thinking which basically supported the institution of slavery.  

While the Civil War was about many things, the connection between slavery and how the Souther Confederacy defined natural law is seldom discussed or considered.  A major justification the South gave for slavery was the Negro was inferior to the White man, and that government had every right to enforce this thinking.  Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States, made this point when he said,  “Our new government .   .   .   Corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

Thus, the Southern Confederacy, believed the government had every right to legalize slavery on the natural relationship between Blacks and Whites; a relationship grounded in deficit-based thinking.  So, the point should be clear: when you relinquish your natural rights to the dictates of government, you have diminished your humanity.  This is not the creed of a free man but a pathway to tyranny.  

For Americans, it’s time to restore the original intent of our National Creed: that our rights and talents come from G-D, beliefs that are enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and formalized in our Constitution.  To that end, Abraham Lincoln words must be considered on the contribution of Jefferson to make natural law the defining factor of our Country by stating, All honor to Jefferson…to the man who…had the coolness, forecast, and capacity to introduce into a merely revolutionary document an abstract truth…and so to embalm it there, that today, and in all coming days, it shall be a rebuke and a stumbling-block to the very harbingers of reappearing tyranny and oppression.