Emphasizing Natural Talents

Regardless of culture, ethnicity, race, and nationality, a child’s success is directly related to his family strength-based experiences.  It’s not complicated.  We know when children are raised in a family with a loving mother and father they are much more likely to be successful.  Sure, there are anomalies, but with the right combination of love, discipline, and values, parents create an environment where a child’s potential is more likely to be realized.  And when parents emphasize their child’s talents over weaknesses, the recipe for success is complete.  Every parent knows what their child does well.  Even in its simplest terms, parents can tell if their children are thinkers, doers, communicators, analyzers, searchers, explorers, or storytellers.  Do they love to compete or collaborate?   But when parents relinquish their responsibilities to the State, talents, and strengths are subordinated to a curriculum, standards, and tests. The public schools are designed to emphasize an externally driven curriculum over the natural talents of children.  Not only is this harmful to our children it is the beginning of the end to personal responsibility, self-reliance, and independence.