A Pathway to Tyranny

When social justice warriors are truly pressed to define their cause, the best they can come up with is nothing more than old platitudes, strategies, and tactics.  Someone needs to inform them that the year is 2019 and Americans elected a Black President, minorities and women are more involved in the political, economic, and social culture of America than ever before, the US economy is the envy of the world, legal immigration is over a million people a year, and we have more programs and regulations to help Citizens become successful than anyone could ever imagine. Yet, according to the social justice crowd, America is evil, racist, and must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.

Social justice originated as a Catholic concept around 1840, by an Italian priest who described the challenges people in rural communities faced when seeking work in cities and towns.  Social justice as a spiritual idea, was unnoticed for over 50 years until Pope Leo XIII gave some sense of meaning to it.  

Without referring to it by name, Pope Leo described  “social justice”  as a concern for worker rights, fair wages, and safe working conditions, while supporting property rights and free enterprise.  According to the Pope, however, suggesting any narrative combining human rights with justice was problematic. Pope Leo cautioned followers that it would be very difficult to reach a consensus on defining justice if it resulted in the distribution of resources.  

The thinking of Pope Leo was a forecast for things to come.  Today’s social justice movement downplays skill, effort and success, where economic systems divorce production from remuneration.  Social justice advocates believe the only way to achieve equality or justice is to redistribute goods, resources, and wealth and private property from the haves to the have-nots. 

Social justice has replaced natural talents, hard work, personal responsibility, and independence.  Social justice advocates believe hard work and passion combined with strengths is no longer important or that individuals should reap the benefits of their labor.  Rather, social justice preaches the gospel of collectivism and a new morality which views government — politicians, and bureaucrats — as all-knowing and powerful.  This gospel proclaims that the masses, especially Black and Brown people and women, cannot take care of themselves against White people and therefore, the government must take care of them.  Otherwise, White people will continue to oppress them. 

In other words, social justice warriors believe they are god and their cause is to destroy all values and beliefs which encourage self-governance and self-reliance.  It’s time to raise the curtain on social justice and call it what it truly is: Tyranny.